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Brushes, Fellowship, and Faith: A Night of Creativity and Connection at POPC!

Written by Arian L. Tyler, Communications Director | Youth Ministry Leader

Calling all sisters in Christ! Last night, the Prince of Peace Church (POPC) Women's Ministry hosted a vibrant evening of painting, laughter, and community, proving once again that women who paint together, stay together! ✨

Sister Shelby Carswell, our ever-enthusiastic Women's Ministry Director, orchestrated this event that brought POPC women and friends together for a night of unleashing creativity, sharing delicious food, and raising vital funds for the ministry's initiatives.

For just $20, participants were provided with all the necessary materials to embrace their inner artist, guided by skilled instruction and fueled by the irresistible energy of a room overflowing with sisterhood and shared passion. It wasn't just about creating beautiful art (though let's be honest, the masterpieces that emerged were pretty impressive!); it was about connecting with one another, nurturing friendships, and strengthening the bonds within our faith community.

The laughter echoed through the sanctuary as brushes danced across canvases, each stroke capturing the unique spirit and personality of the artist. As we shared stories, offered encouragement, and simply enjoyed each other's company, a beautiful tapestry of support and sisterhood unfolded.

But the night wasn't just about fun and games (though there was plenty of that!). The $20 registration fee served as a vital fundraiser for the POPC Women's Ministry, supporting the amazing work they do throughout the year. From outreach programs to our annual women's retreat, these funds will empower the ministry to continue spreading love, faith, and support to those in need.

So, a big thank you to Sister Shelby and the entire Women's Ministry team for planning such a meaningful and enjoyable event. We left feeling not only creatively inspired, but also deeply connected to our sisters in Christ, knowing that together, we can achieve anything we set our minds to.

If you missed this event, don't worry! Stay tuned for the next amazing gathering organized by the POPC Women's Ministry. And remember, even if you don't consider yourself an artist, come for the fellowship, the food, and the opportunity to be part of something truly special. You might just surprise yourself with the masterpiece you create, both on the canvas and in the connections you forge.

See you there, sisters!


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