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Prince of Peace Church Celebrates the Grand Opening of Bishop Samuel L. Mackey Community Garden

Portsmouth, Virginia (August 28, 2022) - Prince of Peace Church, a beacon of love and compassion in our community, recently celebrated a momentous occasion: the official opening of the Bishop Samuel L. Mackey Community Garden. This garden, dedicated in honor of the church's founder, embodies the spirit of togetherness and the church's commitment to meeting the needs of the surrounding communities.

For the members of Prince of Peace Church, every day is a celebration of family and friends. However, this particular day holds special significance as the community gathers to witness the realization of a vision that began with church brothers Michael "Bigboi" Gause and Elder DeAndre R. Carswell. Their shared desire to provide sustenance and support to the Brighton, Prentis Park, and South Portsmouth communities led to the creation of the Bishop Samuel L. Mackey Community Garden.

With hearts brimming with pride and gratitude, the Prince of Peace Church extends its deepest appreciation to everyone who turned out to commemorate this joyous occasion. The overwhelming support and presence of community members, friends, and families only reaffirmed the shared commitment to fostering growth, nourishment, and unity.

The Bishop Samuel L. Mackey Community Garden serves as a vibrant symbol of the church's dedication to meeting the needs of its neighbors. It stands as a testament to the legacy of Bishop Samuel L. Mackey, whose vision and teachings continue to inspire and guide the Prince of Peace Church in its mission.

The garden will provide fresh produce and serve as a space for community engagement, education, and empowerment. It is a place where people from all walks of life can come together, nurture the earth, and cultivate meaningful relationships. The garden's beauty lies not only in the fruits it will bear but also in the bonds it will forge within the community.

DeAndre R. Carswell, Senior Pastor of the Prince of Peace Church, expressed his heartfelt gratitude, saying, "We are humbled and grateful for the outpouring of support for the Bishop Samuel L. Mackey Community Garden. This project represents our commitment to love, care, and uplift those around us. It is a testament to the power of unity and the impact we can make when we work together."

The grand opening of the community garden marks the beginning of a new chapter for the Prince of Peace Church and the surrounding communities. It signifies a renewed dedication to providing sustenance, promoting self-sufficiency, and fostering a sense of belonging among all individuals.

In a city where 39% of the population resides in food deserts, the impact of the garden's efforts cannot be overstated. It has become a beacon of hope, offering an oasis of fresh, locally grown vegetables in a landscape otherwise devoid of such options. By empowering the community with access to healthy food, the garden played a pivotal role in improving the overall health and well-being of Portsmouth's residents.

With the unwavering commitment of a team of dedicated volunteer farm managers, the garden expanded and thrived over the past year and a half. Their wealth of experience in organic farming allowed them to share valuable knowledge and cultivate an ever-increasing abundance of produce. The garden's growing space doubled in size from its humble beginnings, a testament to the love and care poured into its development.

To date, the Bishop Samuel L. Mackey Community Garden has generously provided over 1,500 servings of fresh vegetables to the people of Portsmouth. Its impact extends far beyond physical sustenance, offering a respite for the soul and a source of nourishment for the mind. The Prince of Peace Church firmly believes that the church must take an active role in reclaiming the community and restoring its well-being, and the garden serves as a tangible manifestation of this conviction.

The Prince of Peace Church invites community members, friends, and families to partake in this remarkable endeavor. Together, they can plant the seeds of hope, nurture the soil of compassion, and reap the bountiful harvest of love and unity.

As the Bishop Samuel L. Mackey Community Garden blossoms and thrives, it serves as a reminder that by coming together and tending to the needs of others, we can create a community that flourishes in both body and spirit.

May this garden be a source of inspiration, nourishment, and joy for all who engage with it, and may the Prince of Peace Church continue to be a guiding light in the lives of those it serves.


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