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Restoring Bishop Samuel L. Mackey's Final Resting Place

Here's a little piece of #BlackHistory in Portsmouth, Virginia!

Today, leaders from the #POPCVA visited Mount Calvary Cemetery Complex, which was established circa 1879 by enslaved African Americans. This burial ground is the final resting place for historical Portsmouth African American citizens such as I.C. Norcom Educator Jeffrey T. Wilson, Dr. J. J. France, Ida Barbour, and many other lawyers, doctors, soldiers, preachers, and teachers.

Amongst these individuals, Prince of Peace's founder, Bishop Samuel L. Mackey, was buried here after his death. Members of our Leadership team worked to clean, restore, and beautify the eternal resting spot of Bishop Mackey, and we can see the difference!

The cemetery has been neglected for many years and needs preservation. Prince of Peace is dedicated to keeping the memory and voices of these pioneers amplified. Learn more about the Mount Calvary Cemetery Preservation Project and how you can get involved by visiting:


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