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Sankofa Sunday 2024: Honoring Our Heroes, Celebrating Our Legacy

Updated: Feb 26

Yesterday's Sankofa Sunday at Prince of Peace Church was truly a celebration! Dressed in vibrant African heritage attire and powerful all-black ensembles, we came together to honor Black History Month and the incredible "Heroes Amongst Us" within our Prince of Peace community.

The church atmosphere on Sunday was electric – a testament to the pride, beauty, and power of our people. The spirit of Sankofa, the principle of reaching back to learn from the past to build a better future, was woven through the entire day. And let's not forget those amazing Black History Month "Heroes Amongst Us Award" winners! Their tireless work and dedication make a real difference in our lives.

Want to Know More About Our Heroes?

Stephanie N. Carswell: A whirlwind of positive energy, Stephanie N. Carswell is dedicated to empowering our youth and building a stronger community. A graduate of I.C Norcom High School, Old Dominion University, and with a Master's in Education from Regent, she uses her skills as an Access College Foundation advisor and licensed realtor to make a difference. Her infectious enthusiasm inspires everyone around her, from our Women's Retreat planning to the joyful movement of the praise dance team!

Deacon Darryl E. Williams:  A true servant leader, Deacon Darryl E. Williams embodies quiet strength. His 20 years of service in the United States Army prepared him for his current calling – maintaining the physical foundation of our church. Late nights spent tiling, painting, and restoring our building speak volumes about his dedication. Deacon Darryl ensures Prince of Peace is not just a place of worship but a sanctuary for all.

Mother Marion C. Anderson: A lifelong pillar of Prince of Peace Church, Mother Marion C. Anderson's creativity and skill touch every corner of our sanctuary. From the choir robes to the beautiful wall scrolls, her handiwork is infused with love. Her unwavering faith is an inspiration – serving as an usher, missionary, Sunday school teacher, and even praise dancer, she proves that serving God knows no age limit.

Sister Jackie Shepard: Compassion is Sister Jackie Shepard's guiding star. Her days are filled with caring for her family, supporting our homeless outreach programs, and tending to our elderly with gentle hands. Whether it's collecting food, providing warm clothing, or simply offering a listening ear, Sister Jackie sees the needs around her and takes action. She reminds us that even the smallest acts of kindness can make a world of difference.

We Are History in the Making

Black history isn't confined to a month – it's a vibrant, ongoing story we write every day. At Prince of Peace Church, we celebrate Black History 365 days a year. As our service reminded us, "There are many causes worth sacrificing for, so much history yet to be made." We left Sankofa Sunday feeling inspired and ready to make our own mark on the world.

Written By: Arian L. Tyler | Communications Director & Youth Leader


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